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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Tyler Southwell

Dr. Tyler Southwell

Medical Director

Tyler Southwell, MD grew up wanting to be a village doctor, to develop relationships with patients, to spend time talking and listening to them. He received his BS in biological sciences and biochemistry and attended medical school at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit and along the way found himself training to be a surgeon. His first residency was at the University of Toledo in urology, pediatric surgery, general surgery and plastic surgery. He soon realized that if he continued as a surgeon he would never have the chance to establish relationships with his patients, so he switched his focus and completed a second residency in the University of Michigan Family Practice Program.


A relatively recent transplant to Arizona from the Midwest, he originally came to work with Gila River Health Care and the Komatke Health Clinic in Laveen in January 2013. He currently is Medical Director for Arcadia Physicians Travel Clinic and works with Family Practice Specialists in Phoenix.


Tyler is married and has a beautiful daughter. He likes to work out and loves good food. Some of his favorite restaurants include Fifth and Wine, Chelsea’s Kitchen, LGO, and Postino’s. He loves movies, especially The Big Lebowski and Wes Anderson films, like The Royal Tenebaums. He is a fan of all kinds of music, including old school rock, country, blues and everyone form Elvis to Vampire Weekend and the Shins.

Dr. Southwell’s main ethos is that patients deserve respect. They deserve to be listened to and to know what is going on with them. He believes that treatment options should be a shared decision between a patient and a physician.

Doe Jacobs, RN

Doe Jacobs, R.N, B.S.N.

Travel Immunization Specialist

Certificate in Travel Health™


Doe Jacobs grew up in Northern Utah, but has called Arizona home for over 20 years. She graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing. Doe specializes in Travel Medicine, and also works in the hospital setting as a Certified Rehab Registered Nurse. Although her fields of practice are very different she finds satisfaction and fulfillment in both settings. “I love working with patients in the hospital, encouraging and supporting them as they recover from severe illnesses such as brain injuries, trauma or stroke. You can really connect with people in that situation.” Travel medicine is also a passion. “It is so incredible to meet people who travel the world, and help them prevent illness. Whether people are traveling for pleasure, work, or humanitarian aide, I find that most travelers are open-minded, courageous and adventurous. I love the excitement of making plans for an amazing trip, and then later hearing first hand about their experiences when they return. It makes me want to go see the world!”

Doe enjoys close relationships with her family. She is one of ten children, and considers her siblings some of her best friends. In her leisure time she enjoys adventure and outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and running. She has completed a handful of half marathons. Doe enjoys eating great food. Some of her favorite restaurants include Bandera, Postino, Cien Agave (they have an awesome Taco Tuesday), and T Cook’s. Travel is another passion, and something she would like to do more of. She has been to several countries including Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Cuba, and others. She has participated in mission trips, including one medical mission trip to Mexico. Two areas of travel on Doe’s bucket list are hiking the Inca trail in Peru, and going on an African safari.

Amanda Baez

Amanda Baez

Scheduling Manager

Amanda is usually the first person you will be in contact with when scheduling your travel health consultation. Her goal is always to make your travel preparations as easy and worry free as possible. "I love hearing where our patients are going. I know traveling internationally usually involves a lot of plans with many moving parts! I'm always happy that I can make at least part of that easier for our patients in helping them take care of their travel health needs."

Amanda lives in Mesa with her husband and two young sons. She enjoys hiking, spending time outdoors, and exploring new places with her family.

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