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The Travel Consultation and Immunizations

We understand that preparing for world travel often involves many moving parts. One of your top questions is probably “what vaccines do I need to travel to [Thailand, Costa Rica, Cuba, Kenya, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, China]" ... wherever in the world you would like to go!

Not all travel plans are created equal. We take an individualized approach as the answer to this question depends very much on you: your health history and your specific travel plans.  Your travel health consultation consists of an individualized discussion with our travel nurse to determine your health risks based on your specific itinerary and health history. Recommended vaccinations are given as well as prescriptions for medications to prevent and treat common illnesses while traveling.

We provide you with methods to prevent common travel related illnesses unique to your destination.  Our services also include a personalized travel health report with the most current information on specific medical, security, and safety alerts for your area of travel.

For further reading on some of the vaccine preventable diseases we inoculate against, visit our disease information page here, or click the underlined text found on this page. You can also find the answers to some frequently asked questions by visiting our FAQ page here.


Vaccines for Travel

& Routine Immunizations


*Indicates a multi-dose vaccine. Will require subsequent visits to our office to complete the full immunization series.

Travel Medicine

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