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About Typhoid

If you have already scheduled your appointment, we look forward to seeing you! Please read the information below on how to best prepare for a successful travel health consultation.

If you have not yet scheduled, we are happy to help you do so. You may submit a schedule request form here, or call our office at 602-875-5678 to speak with our scheduling staff.


  • Plan to have a travel consultation far in advance of your scheduled trip. Most multi dose vaccinations require at least a month between doses, but there are exceptions, such as Hepatitis A which has a gap of 6 months. 

  • At the very minimum, your travel consultation should occur no later than 10 days prior to your departure date especially if your trip requires you to show proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.

  • If you are sick or have a fever on the day of your appointment, you will need to reschedule if you are planning to receive any vaccinations.

  • If you received vaccinations elsewhere within the last 4 weeks of your appointment, it is recommended to contact us so that the nurse can determine if you should reschedule as certain vaccinations require a gap in administration from other vaccinations.

  • If possible, please complete your medical history form 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Access to the electronic form will be emailed to you after scheduling.  If you need to request access, please reach out to Amanda by email at

  • When completing your medical history form, please be as specific as possible about your itinerary – include specific cities or regions you plan to visit along with each county, and if possible, specific dates in each location. Having this detailed information ahead of time assists the nurse in making a plan tailored specifically for you based on your itinerary.

  • Make sure you have your medication list available for the nurse – if you are on a significant amount of medications, it is extremely helpful for the nurse to have this prior to your appointment.

  • Do your best to get your immunization records before your appointment, with dates.

  1. You can contact your PCP to see what they have on file for you.

  2. You may have been vaccinated through the County Health Department – if you contact them, they will have your records.

  3. If you have lived outside of Arizona, contact the County Health Department where you lived previously to see what records they can provide you.

  4. Our nurse will attempt to pull records from the Arizona State Immunization System, however these are often incomplete, and in some cases you might not even have a record in the system.

  • Knowing your immunization history will help you avoid being recommended unnecessary immunizations during your consultation.

  • We utilize up-to-date information provided from the Centers for Disease Control. We specifically rely on information from the CDC Yellow Book 2024, which is updated every two years.

  • We also utilize surveillance data and guidance from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, World Health Organization, Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and Immunization Action Coalition.

  • Many vaccinations that we will discuss in your consultation are recommended, but are not necessarily required. There are exceptions for Yellow Fever Vaccine, which has country-specific requirements and this will be discussed with you. Occasionally, proof of Polio vaccination is required but is country and itinerary specific.

  • The decision to receive these vaccinations is your personal decision and we encourage you to consider what your risk tolerance is. You have the right to decline any or all of the vaccinations you are recommended (with the exception of Yellow Fever in certain cases).

We are excited to learn about your upcoming travels, and we look forward to meeting you soon!
Please do not hesitate to contact us should any questions arise prior to your appointment!

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